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We bring together the best ideas turning the meetings of our top managers into intellectual orgies.

Jack Welch


The very word possibility creates a mental climate conducive to creativity.

Robert H. Schuller

Hour of Power

Since around 2000, we let engineers spend 20% of their time working on whatever they want, and we trust that they'll build interesting things.

Google's 9 Notions of Innovation

Marissa Mayer


Creativity loves restraint. Give people a vision, rules about how to get there and deadlines. People think of creativity as this sort of unbridled thing, but engineers thrive on constraints. They love to think their way out of that little box: 'We know you said it was impossible, but we're going to do this, this, and that to get us there.'

Marissa Mayer


If you give people tools, and they use their natural ability and their curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected.

Bill Gates


Today more than ever, we must cultivate the creative and innovative potential of every employee in the organization. Everyone in the organization must be capable of thinking creatively and be willing to try new approaches which transcend their own roles, departments and processes.

Andrew Papageorge


Theres a phrase in Buddhism, Beginners mind. Its wonderful to have a beginners mind.

Steve Jobs


At P&G, we think of creativity not as a mysterious gift of the talented few but as the everyday task of making nonobvious connections bringing together things that don't normally go together. One way to do that is to look at contradictions in the marketplace.

Craig Wynett

Procter & Gamble

The best way to kill creativity in a team is letting the boss speak first

Victoria Holtz


If youre not prepared to be wrong, youll never come up with anything original.

Ken Robinson

University of Warwick

It's unbelievable what you can get done in a day with a focused, motivated and creative team. When you give people the time to do the thing that always seems "just out of reach" people's creativity cracks wide open.

Joe Kraus



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