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Победа приходит к тому, кто умеет находить в проблемах возможности.

Сун Цзы

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Ты не сможешь посмотреть в новом направлении, смотря упорнее в старом направлении.

Эдвард де Боно

Cognitive Research Trust

Не говори о проблемах, говори о возможностях... >>>

Вадим Котельников


Have you ever been in a wood that just looked like a random assortment of trees, then when you take a few steps to the side you see that all the trees are laid out in neat rows? Sometimes we are standing in the wrong place to see an obvious answer. We have to deliberately take a different point of view, come at the problem from a new direction before we have a chance of creating a radical solution.

Paul Sloane


Diversity of thought and wide background experience amongst your team will offer new and insightful angles on the problem you are tackling. Those different perspectives can combine (even if the disagree sometimes) to form insights that would never come from a single point of view. Varied experiences can be invaluable in both analysis of the “what” of your problem as well as the “how” of your innovative solution. It’s crucial that innovative teams are assembled so there is some overlap, but not too much so that group think can be avoided.


RBC Innovation Centre


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