Ulyanovsk, Russia

Breakthrough Extended Private Business Incubator for Kids, Teens and Forever-Young People

Breakthrough Features

Involves kids in the joyful entrepreneurial creativity and innovation process

Turns entrepreneurial creativity and teamwork into winning habits

Merges smart kids, teens and adults into achievement- and fun-driven innovation teams


Innovatel Defined

Innovatel (Innopreneur) is an entrepreneur creating extraordinary customer value and building his or her business around innovations.

Innovatel's Mission

Innovatel's mission is to help children, teens, and young people build their entrepreneurial creativity skills and successful innovation-driven business.

Inspirational Life Booster

Innovatel's leaders defined 8×8 achievement principles that innovatels turn gradually into deeply ingrained winning habits in the course of practice-rich learning process.

Social Responsibility

Innovatel actively involves handicapped children in the entrepreneurial creativity building activities to make their life happier and more fulfilling.




Development Opportunity: Would you like to establish a similar business incubator?

Charity Opportunity: Would you like to support creativity of disabled kids at Innovatel?

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Innovatel was chosen as the headquarter for the

Global Virtual Venture Valley (VVV)

during 2011